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When will the cinema hall reopens!

Written by: Renuka Dhakal | Rising Nepal

Cinema theatres that have remained closed since March have suffered huge losses, and the film entrepreneurs have worried as to how long they should bear the losses.

OnlineKhabarHub Desk Published: 2020-12-15 15:27:02

File image; Film Hall

Kathmandu: Most of the areas that had been closed amid covid-19 are slowly regaining and are in the daily operation and latly the night clubs are also reopning but the film halls have not been yet conform to reopen. 

Despite the continuous appeal of the producers and filmmakers to the government, resumption of the cinema halls has still been uncertain.
In the last nine months, the films halls have suffered huge losses, and the film entrepreneurs have worried as to how long they should bear the losses.

Tirtha Poudel, General Manager of Gopi Krishna Hall, said that millions of rupees have been lost due to the closure of cinema halls.
He said that about 95% of the staff has been laid off since Asar as there had been no sign of opening the shut movie halls have been reported by Renuka Dhakal in Rising Nepal. 

However, he said that even if the movie halls are completely shut down, the basic expenses like electricity tariff, bank interest, expenses to the employees and other expenses are borne by the film halls. Poudel also said the government should provide relief for cinema halls to make up the expenses.

Roshan Adiga, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Team Quest, the parent company of QFX Cinema ,said that they have given unpaid leave to all the employees since Asar.

QFX, a chain organisation consisting of many halls across the nation, has plunged into the unprecedented losses, said Adiga.
Meanwhile, Nepal Motion Picture Association has said that even if the government does not allow the opening of cinemas, they will open halls from December 25.

 Though the hall management have claimed to operate by following the WHO protocal and have released a statement on Monaday, "The association said that it would operate the closed cinema halls following the WHO health protocol". 

The association has also other demands such as, 'the government should include the film sector in the worst affected areas, electricity bills should be completely waived when the cinema halls were not in operation, and evade the entertainment tax and film development fee. Likeas the exemption of Value Added Tax (VAT) on Nepali films for two years along with many other demands." 


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