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Unmasking the Naked Athena from the protest of Portland

Portland protest is ongoing for more than 50 days and the protestor are adopting new kinds of protest and Naked Athena has given a new dimension on the protest of Portland.

Published: 2020-07-24 07:25:57

Naked Athena on Portland protest who is very strong, courageous and out spoken feminist

For the first time in portland protest history, people are seeing the mystery woman “naked Athena” after images of her confronting federal agents as they faced off with protesters in Portland went viral. Now, everyone wants to know who’s behind the blackface mask.

Portland has seen more than 50 days of unrest, filled with peaceful protest sometimes and dumpsters up in flames other times — with local police losing tear gas on curfew-breakers. Until the wee hours of Monday morning, however, Portland hadn’t seen a barefoot, bare-chested, bare-all-the-rest-of-it (except for her stocking cap and mask) woman.

Legs splayed across the pavement opposite an exquisitely equipped line of officers, she was everything they were not: natural where the camouflage-clad cops were unnatural, vulnerable where they were armored. Perhaps at a loss for how to contend with an unclothed female body, they shot rubber balls at her feet — and then, dumbstruck or defeated, retreated. No one seems to know her name yet; the Los Angeles Times described her as an “apparition” emerging out of a hazy night. You might have thought the story-spinners would have called her some sort of nymph. Instead, they named her Athena, goddess of war.

naked athena 1

On the Video, it shows the woman arriving at the scene of the protest and striding confidently toward the line of federal officers. There are also photos showing that she cut her feet during the protest. Pepper balls exploded in front of her and clouds of tear gas mushroomed near her, but she never flinched.

The mystery woman has dubbed Athena after the warrior goddess in Greek mythology. She’s also being compared with another legendary naked woman: Lady Godiva, who rode her horse naked to protest taxes on the poor. and, the footage of "Naked Athena" has gone viral in social media and she has grabbed the attention of the world on the on gong protest of Portland for more than 50 days. 

A twitter user StarAndStfirForever coats a caption "All we know is that it’s a female, natural brunette, and has bigger balls than the entire trump administration combined." 

A friend of the woman told Inside Edition that she wishes to remain anonymous.

"She is a very outspoken feminist, and just a really strong courageous person," the friend said. "She just went and stood in front of them and faced them down and in a very vulnerable way. There's nothing a naked person can possibly do to harm a soldier. I think it made a very powerful statement."

Prepared from the various output and Inside Edition. 


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