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Trainer James Running Virtual IELTS Classes since 2017 in Nepal!

The world has gone digital. You're left behind already! Trainer James, an IELTS instructor, is running Virtual IELTS Classes since 2017 in Nepal!

Published: 2020-04-14 05:56:37


The world is going digital and more than 60% of the world will be left confused and uncertain if you do not consider opting for online classes soon! The IELTS exam can also be taken on a computer now, and candidates can now give a computer-delivered IELTS test at their preferred locations where more test dates are available and the results being delivered in less than a week. As soon as Trainer James, an instructor with an experience of more than 14 years teaching English language, knew that digital learning is the future of education, he started conducting virtual instructor-led online sessions since 2017!

What is Virtual Instructor-led online training?

Virtual Instructor-led online training (VILT) is organized by an instructor that simulates and create the classroom experience in a virtual environment. The practice of instructor-led training allows both the instructor and learners to communicate and discuss the course material individually or in a group setting. in the case of online sessions with Trainer James, you have the liberty to take his help until the day of your exam.

Benefits of VILTs:

Virtual Instructor-led training allows learners hands-on and close interaction with the instructor. Following are some of the benefits that the new generation will see as the result of using VILTs:

  • Only an expert and disciplined instructor facilitate the training session with a well-prepared presentation sometimes tailored to the needs of the students.
  • It allows the learners to ask one or more questions and also allows for feedback to be given in a real-time basis.
  • The style of instructor approach can be adapted if s/he realizes that the class is not getting the information that they want to deliver. They can go back to the previous point on a particular element if they sense confusion.
  • Each session can be a social learning experience.
  • In a group session, the learners can learn from the questions asked by their peers.

The training session is provided via an online conferencing software application, such as FreeConferenceCall, Zoom, GoToMeeting and so on.

For the learner to join the IELTS sessions of Trainer James, they will need to have a laptop or a smartphone with a fast internet connection and a headphone (earpiece) where they can listen and speak to have two-way communication.

The length of the online course last between 6 and 8 weeks (sometimes less) and each session lasts for an hour. In the course, learners are trained based on the strengths and weakness through a study plan, but the vast majority of the curriculum covers cutting-edge instructions and the best strategies to tackle all modules (Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking) of the IELTS exam. The course fee is $85, the cheapest live instructor-led online course in the world. Imagine getting everything you need to get ready for the IELTS exam after paying just $85 (or less during the time of seasonal offers).

Why take the IELTS course with Trainer James?

  • Regular evaluation and constant feedback.
  • Unlimited viewing of recorded online sessions and videos.
  • Study at your convenience; we have flexible hours.
  • Accessible from anywhere in the world.
  • The instructor is connected to you on Viber and email regularly.
  • Target 7+ Band training for every section.
  • Since the class size is generally small, Trainer James has been enjoying a success rate of more than 75% for the last three years.

For more information about the Virtual Instructor-led online training with Trainer James, please follow the link: Online IELTS Preparation with Trainer James.

You can watch a video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ifcpz6WwiE.


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