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Lufthansa Airlines increases number of flights to Greece for 2021

Lufthansa Airlines is the popular airlines in Europe and Germany, most of the flights from Germany to Greece are carried out by Lufthansa Airlines.

Ramesh Published: 2020-10-05 14:01:41

Lufthansa Airlines

The largest airline company in Germany and the second-largest in Europe has increased its flight number to Greece for 2021.

The company has announced that it will run more flights to 14 airports in Greece which is operated by German company Fraport. Most of the airport lies on the Islands of Greece.

According to sources, the flight will be operated three times a week and numbers could be increased according to demand. The flights will begin in April and run till October.

Greece has been the most visited destination by Germans. The Germans tourists alone contributed over 3 billion euros in 2019.


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