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Frontline worrier on the threat of being victim

Written by: Contributor - Manju Giri (Nurse)

How nurses are being affected mentally and degrading their health due to long duty hours in the times of COVID-19 pandemic.

Ramesh Published: 2020-11-04 23:07:48

Nurses on the front line in giving treatment to COVID-19 patients

Kathmandu: COVID-19 is a global pandemic and the number of new cases are arising rapidly in Nepal too. So as a consequence a frontline worrier a healthcare professionals have a crucial role in saving the lives of the infected patients. 

Though the frontline workers are in maximum chances of getting infected and the nurses have a major role in curing the infected person. Health care workers on the front line who are directly indulged in the screening, diagnosis, treatment and care of patients with coronavirus are at threat of expanding anxiety, depression, insomnia and other mental health problems.

As the positives cases of tally is rapidly growing in the country likewise  on the other hand nurses are facing workload, bullying, lack of childcare, financial pressure, long duty shifts, insufficient personal protective equipments, feeling of being inadequately supported and in some cases social injustice too. Last month there occurred an incident that the house owner of Baneshowor had threatened doctors and nurses to leave their house premises and their colony which is one of the many cases that a health workers are facing in their daily life in the times of pandemic.  

Likewise, nurses do have overriding worry as they may get infected while on the duty time and may unknowing pass to their friends and family. Thin kind of unfortunately situation may be faced in the lives of the nurses has greater possibility as they are forced to carry out long hours in their duty and give the service to many patient due to maximum increase in  the positive cases in the country.  In the current situation the management of the respective seems to be not caring the risk factors and the impact being on nurses mental health. Though the government have tried to bring some positive scenario about the frontline workers but have failed to proved them with the proper support in the time of crisis.  no one understand their critical condition and how they are coping with their stress & psychological well-being during this time is as more salient as directing their somatic health.

On this nearby circumstances, one of the toughest challenges faced by nurses is being involved in hard conversations. Nurses have to respond to distress and anger as patients come to terms with a less certain future.

Hospital management, managers colleagues has to play a pivotal role to mitigate nurses frustration. Ensure all staff receive good quality communication accurate update. Implement flexible schedules for workers who are directly affected or have a family member affected. Ensure all preventive and protective measure taken. To curb with nurses mental illness, social discrimination must not be done as they only are the reasons behind this contemporary situation.


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