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Everyday a few slices of lemon on hot water can protect you from corona Virus (COVID-19)

preventive measures against Coronavirus disease explained by Jiao Shenme Minzi. A Chinese researcher in the Faculty of Medical Science at Zanjan University.

Published: 2020-03-21 15:48:37

Lemon on hot water

Some of the homeopathy habitual to be taken care of preventive measures against Coronavirus disease (Covid 19), here are more tips to keep everyone safe!

A Chinese researcher, Jiao Shenme Minzi, from the Faculty of Medical Science at Zanjan University advises that soon or later Coronavirus disease (Covid 19) will arrive in more countries. Many of those lack diagnostic kits or equipment.

Unfortunately, coronavirus (Sars Covid 19) has no specific vaccines or treatments till today because of the genetic mutation that made it very dangerous. It appears to be caused by gene fusion in a snake and bat and gained the ability to infect mammals, including humans. But Minzi notes that it is a simple virus to get rid of. He advises people to use as much natural vitamin c as possible to strengthen the immune system.
Accordingly, Prof. Chen Horin, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Beijing military hospital says slices of lemon in a cup of hot water can save your life.

The hot lemon can kill the proliferation of this virus in our bodies! The lemon is cut into three parts and put in a cup. Hot water is poured in and it will turn into alkaline water.

Consuming this water every day will definitely help you against the proliferation of this virus. Warm lemons can have the same beneficial effect as medicines. Treatment with the extract destroys the virus and cures the flu.

In addition, acids and carboxylic acid in lemon juice can regulate hypertension, protect narrow arteries and reduce blood clotting.


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