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Copy and paste tweets will be categorized as abusive and spammy behavior -Twitter Comms

Twitter is taking a step on copy and paste post by limiting the visibility copy/paste tweets

Hira Lama Published: 2020-08-30 22:13:06

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Twitter has long had issues with spammy copy/paste posts. Most recently, there was an influx of users claiming to be “done with the NBA,” sharing identically written tweets en masse. Twitter is (finally) taking steps to mitigate this sort of behavior by limiting the visibility of blatant copy/paste tweets.

According to the Twitter Comms account, the company has “seen an increase in copypasta” lately (which isn’t exactly what “copypasta” is, but okay) and will take action starting immediately.

These Tweets clearly fall into Twitter’s guidelines for limiting visibility, most notably under the “abusive and spammy behavior”—because what are the stupid tweets if not spam? Nothing. They’re spam.

Many of the twitter users are happy with his spet of twitter to limited the copy and paste tweets as they are not organic tweets. 


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