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Huawei charged with racketeering and trade theft in US

The US Department of Justice has charged Shenzhen-based Huawei Technologies with racketeering and conspiracy to steal trade secrets, while the Department of Commerce has granted the company a 45-day trading extension.   In January 2019 Huawei – the world’s largest telecommunications company – and two of its...

How to prevent from being hack

Now, a days getting hack is very normal as we all surf in the different sites that do not have credentials and some times by our own mistakes or unknowingly our phones and computers are hacked. Here as some of the steps to get prevent being a hack. Download only from...

Most selling phone in the world 2019

Research firm Counterpoint recently announced its list of best-selling smartphones of 2019. These are the smartphones that sell most across the world. The list reveals Europeans love for Samsung phones and Americans for Apple iPhones. Oppo and Vivo phones are best-selling in China. Realme too made its entry in the...

Invaito apps for everyone on everyday schedule

KATHMANDU-19, MARCH: Sometimes, solving an issue leads to a breakthrough. Just by providing the right help at the right time can create success stories. That was exactly the case for 31-year-old entrepreneur Anil Thapa when he launched his app Invaito. With the Internet being the "hot cake" in recent years, Anil...

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