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Brian Lara comes with a message on twitter how to be safe from coronavirus


Former West Indies captain and legendary batsman Brian Lara has some strong advice for all his fans amid the Coronavirus outbreak. Lara wants us all to wash our hands on a regular basis and in a proper manner in order to help keep coronavirus infection at bay.

In a video posted by Windies Cricket, Lara explained the correct technique of handwashing. "The Prince @BrianLarahas a message for you on dealing with COVID-19! #WIStandTogether #MenInMaroon," Windies Cricket took to Twitter to share the video. "Before your touch, your face always wash your hands. Make sure that you get that soap in all areas of your hand," said Brian Lara in the elaborate video on Twitter. *****

"It will not only benefit you but everyone around you. Let us fight COVID 19 together," he added. On March 14, the Cricket West Indies (CWI) suspended all its tournaments and face to face group meetings from March 16 for a minimum of 30 days as a precautionary measure against coronavirus pandemic. The CWI has also advised all Local Cricket Associations and Territorial Boards to follow the advice of their respective Ministries of Health. Earlier, the Road Safety World Series, which featured the likes of Sachin Tendulkar, Lara, and Virender Sehwag, was called off for the time being amidst coronavirus outbreak. World Health Organisation on March 11 had declared the coronavirus outbreak a 'pandemic' and expressed deep concerns.