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Best hostels in Kathmandu

There are many hostels in kathmandu but one has to check it out properly. And, different hostels are in operation with various motives and services in the Kathmandu the city of dream.

Published: 2020-07-24 17:14:53

Representative image: Hostels in Kathmandu

The hostel is a communal living space for a single person mostly students or the one who has just started the new life in the city.

The environment will be very different than the environment in your home and it depends upon you and your friend's circle. Enev though it's quite hard to adjust in the very beginning of the days and making new friends circle sometime might be a challenge for some of them and someone who has experience in making new friends than the situation is kind of easy going with the new friends circle too. 

However, those who stay in the hostel are likely to make new friends, be bolder and more confident.

In Nepal Kathmandu is the city of dreams for many of us, so one might go to the hostel for starting new carriers in the city or other might be going to the hostel for educational purposes. Normally students are the pupil who lives in a hostel in early life and early 20s. 

Students dream and aim for their career and education, so they leave their homes to start their journey towards a better future. One of the problems they may face is finding a suitable place to stay. There may be hostels that offer students or working professionals a place to stay and accommodate with great hospitality.

Staying in the hostel has pros and cons, and they should consider while selecting the hostel.

Pros of staying in a hostel
Hostels provide a good facility at a cheap price as compared to renting a room or a flat. Some of the advantages of staying at the hostel are as follows:

# Staying in the hostel make students independent since they are on their own apart from family.
# Students become bold and confident as they have to speak with new people and make friends in the hostel.
# Most of the hostel has rules and guidelines to be followed. Students learn self-control and discipline while they can make decisions themselves.
# The hostel welcomes students from various cultural backgrounds. The students learn about culture and traditions.
# Students make hostel buddies who take care of each other and they develop an emotional connection for a long-lasting friendship.
# Hostel students learn various skills to live independently. They learn to wash clothes, ironing, cleaning room, buying goods on a budget and      even cooking.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Cons of staying in a hostel:  Some of the students face challenges and difficulties in the hostel.

# Introvert students may have a difficult time interacting with hostel mates. They might miss their family and feel left alone.
# Since students have to stay apart from family, they may get emotional and feel homesick and might run away from the hostel.
# Once students get accustomed to the hostel, after a few years they might feel difficult to adjust to the family atmosphere. They take their own decisions and don’t like to follow suggestions from their parents.
# Students may have to eat the food prepared at the hostel. They may not have better choices of food.
# When students become sick, it might be difficult for them to recover. The hostel friends may not be good at taking care of sick and taking them to see the doctor.
# Hostel staffs may not treat them well if they cannot speak their language or tell if there are any changes in schedules or rules in the hostel.
# In Kathmandu, there can be separate hostels for boys and girls. We have enlisted 5 hostels for boys and 5 hostels for girls at different locations of Kathmandu Valley:

List of Boys Hostels in Kathmandu:
1. Pathivara Boys hostel, Sankhamul, Kathmandu 
Contact No: 985-1094428
Entry Fees per student: TBC
Fees per month: TBC

2. New Kirtipur boys hostel, Kirtipur, Kathmandu
Contact No: 9845079057
Entry Fees per student: TBC
Fees per month: TBC

3. New Quality boys hostel, Battisputali, Old Baneswor
Contact No: 9864666090
Entry Fees per student: Rs. 3000
Fees per month: TBC

4. Kathmandu boys hostel, Panchakumari marga, New Baneswor
Contact No: 9849292611
Entry Fees per student: Rs. 3000
Fees per month: Rs. 8000-Rs.9000

5. Suryakiran boys hostel, Kumari marga, Putalisadak
Contact No: 9851179160, 9845081087
Entry Fees per student: Rs. 4000
Fees per month: Rs.10,000

List of Girls Hostels in Kathmandu: Girls Hostels in Kathmandu valley are also well maintained and secured for students as well as working professionals:

  1. Subidha girls hostel, Tinkune, Kathmandu
    Contact No: 9849155445
    Entry Fees per student: Rs.2500
    Fees per month: TBC
  2. Padma girls hostel, Jawalakhel, Lalitpur
    Contact No: 015524297
    Entry Fees per student: Rs.2500
    Fees per month: TBC
  3. Fairyland girls hostel, Dillibazar, Kathmandu
    Contact No: 9848185988
    Entry Fees per student: Rs.3000
    Fees per month: TBC
  4. Sumnima girls hostel, Putalisadak, Kathmandu
    Contact No: 9851081830
    Entry Fees per student: Rs.3000
    Fees per month: Rs. 7500
  5. Fulbari girls hostel, Ranibari chowk, Samakhusi
    Contact No: 014386076
    Entry Fees per student: Rs.2500
    Fees per month: TBC

Generally, schools have facilities for boarding the students in their hostel. However, for those students who attend college or work, staying in a hostel may be a good choice than renting a room. Hostels provide cleaning, maintenance as well as food for their occupant. There are internet facilities and laundry services for an extra charge.

Also, read the story of Ex. Hostel Student's

Artika Vineet writes about her experience in her hostel life - There are both pros and cons of everything in this world. But if you look from the brighter side, you will really feel good while living in a hostel.

Hostel life is one of the best parts of one’s life if lived in a good way. The pros of living in a hostel are:

1. It is a home away from home. So you learn to become independent, you learn to do the daily activities on your own ( like washing clothes, cooking, cleaning the room, etc).

2. You get to interact with a lot of people from various different regions of the country. In a way, you become more social and will also learn how to deal with certain kinds of people.

3. Becomes easy for one to adjust in certain situations ( Although in the beginning, it may be little difficult)

4. It teaches you the value of money.

5. You will get many unexpected surprises on your birthday, will get to enjoy many things like fresher’s party, farewell, certain festivals in the hostel, cultural fest of college ( You can enjoy the whole as you don’t have to travel like day scholars).

6. If lived properly then it is really a memorable one for a lifetime.

The cons of living in a hostel :

  1. Sometimes you will feel so homesick that nobody will be around to help you. You only have to bear that pain from being away from your family. ( And especially if you are living for the first time away from your parents it is extremely difficult to adjust)
  2. Your privacy will no more be your privacy as you will always be surrounded by someone ( Most of the times)
  3. You have to wait for long for using bathrooms if you cannot get up early in the morning. And due to this, most of the time you will miss your breakfast. (:p)
  4. You have to face certain restrictions made by the hostel authorities.
  5. The food is awful in many hostels. But you need to eat for your survival irrespective of its taste.
  6. Bad eating habits like maggi, chips at 3 am in the morning.
  7. So if you ever get a chance to live in a hostel, then do enjoy your hostel life.

Let's read the story of Neha Rathi:

Dear Hostel,

You have taught me several things

Do your work on your own: No one is going to help me, I have to wash my clothes, clean my dishes, fold my clothes and many more.
Mingle with everyone: you will have to deal with a variety of people. You can't just ignore them, maintaining a healthy relationship with everyone is not easy. But hostel life will teach you this too.
Sharing: Sharing becomes a habit here. Your roommates have an equal share on all your belongings. That's really fun.
Along with this hostel life gives you millions of memories. Those late-night birthday celebrations and hostel parties, the one-night preparation for the exam , the nicknames you will have from your friends, late-night discussions on life being hard, fight on who will clean the room next day, the 2.00 am snacks, getting friendly with the guard in order to ensure late-night entries, getting a food order after intime from the “ peeche wala Darwaza" ( back gate), a meeting in senior's room, teasing roommate with the name of her crush in college, those prank calls, entering the mess with the gang and having more fun and less food, and many more.

Overall I think lucky are those who have at least once lived in a hostel.


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