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Arthur Gunn, is a Nepal origin is rocking in the American Idol

Dibesh Phokerel aka Arthur Gunn, is originally from Kathmandu, Nepal and now rocking in the American idol. Has already got ticket to Hollywood in american idol 2020.

Published: 2020-03-29 11:59:12

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Although the 21-year-old has been living in Wichita, Kans. for the past five years, he is originally from Kathmandu, Nepal. "I loved growing up in Nepal," Dibesh Phokerel said in a highlight of his story on American Idol. "Nepal is a very beautiful country. We have mountains and hills everywhere and everyone is friendly. It is a wonderful place."
Dibesh says he doesn’t hail from a musical family, but was fortunate enough to grow up around music and be exposed to it at an early age. He started singing after he got a gift of guitar from his mom at age of His inspirations include John Martyn, Nick Drake, Bob Dylan, Bukka White, Robert Johnson, Howlin’ Wolf, Sonny Boy Williamson and John Lee Hooker. That's when the dream started. And after high school, I moved to America because it's the land of American dreams."

In Kansas, he ended up falling in love with a completely new type of music. "Living in Wichita really got me into like bluegrass and country," Dibesh said. "I hadn't listened to those kinds of music before, but I was like pulled toward it, you know? It was like magnetic."

Dibesh is way too Hollywood.
For his audition in front of Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan, Dibesh first sang, "Girl from the North Country" by Bob Dylan. The judges clearly saw something in him from that first song. However, Lionel asked to hear a second song — and this time, Katy requested Dibesh to keep his eyes open and to either look at them or at his guitar when he sang.
He then sang the Creedence Clearwater Revival song, "Have You Ever Seen the Rain," making sure to follow Katy's guidance. And the difference was immediate.
"Do you notice the connection when you kept your eyes open, and the joy and the happiness?" Katy asked. "Because you have such a great, storyteller voice and I'm really excited for you."

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"You want to open for me in Detroit, Mich., in two weeks?" Luke half-joked. (But you could tell he was almost serious.)
"Oh my god, I am loving this discovery," Lionel declared.
Needless to say, the judges gave Dibesh his golden ticket and he made it through to Hollywood.

YouTube channel aka Arthur Gunn is Dibesh Channel checkout:

Arthur Gunn has 18 videos uploaded so far but already has got more than 199k subscribers on his YouTube Chanel and he has got a different variations of songs on his channels. 



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