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APF temporary posts increased at Nepal-India border to cross check the trespassers

File image: APF at Nepal-India border

Kathmandu, April-8: The Armed Police Force (APF) has set up a number of temporary posts at the Nepal-India border in order to strictly implement lockdown and stop the illegal entry via border. The APF tightened the security at the porous border in Jhapa district establishing additional 58 temporary posts. The APF already had eight such posts in the district bordering India in 144 km distance. The posts are just makeshift ones, said Superintendent of the Armed Police at Bhadrapur, Umesh Kumar Thaksu.

The APF is able to curb the crimes that occurred via border as poaching, drug trafficking, and illegal entry of people. Thaksu further said the APF increased its alertness on the border as people died of COVID-19 in India's Bihar and West Bengal bordering Nepal. Those entering Nepal surreptitiously could pose a threat to the spread of the virus. There were already 250 security persons on duty and the number is increased by 100 now. Since the lockdown, it was reported that 26 persons entered Nepal via Bahundangi, Bhadrapur, Kechana, Gaurigunj, Taghandubba, among others.

They have been taken under control and kept in quarantine, said Krishna Prasad Koirala, Superintendent of Nepal Police at district. As the locals here have been aware, they began informing the police, which is helpful to trace trespasser. Meanwhile, with the reports of poaching and wildfire, the Division Forest Office Jhapa has banned people from entering the forest. Office chief Bishnu Lal Ghimire informed that the people's entry into the community and lease forests was banned after wildfire and poaching reports.