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Air transportation in Humla is halted

Air traffic was disrupted as the airport has been snowcapped.

OnlineKhabarHub Desk Published: 2021-01-04 22:57:03

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Humla, Jan. 4: The weather in Humla has gone in minus degrees and all the air services have been halted due to continuous snowfall since last Sunday. 

Passengers have been affected by the disruption of the only means of transportation here. Chiranjibi Giri, Chief District Officer (CDO), said that the air services were shut down due to incessant snowing is reported by Rajan Rawaut in Rising Nepal 

With the changes in weather since Sunday, no flights have either landed or taken off from the airport here.  Air traffic was disrupted as the airport has been snowcapped. With more than half a foot of snow piled up on the runway, and as the snowfall is still continuing, it is not possible to predict when the air services could be resumed, he said.

Planes used to land at the airport at seven in the morning.

Different airline companies including Sita Air, Summit Air, and Tara Air have been operating up to 15 flights daily from Nepalgunj and Surkhet. However, not a single flight was operated on Monday.

In addition, passengers on both sides have remained stuck and the food and cargo services have not come into operation as well. Due to the snowfall, two twin otter planes of Tara Air, which had to return after transporting food and cargo in Simkot Airport on Sunday, have also been stalled.

Both the planes are kept by covering with tents.

Meanwhile, Homraj Bham, cargo businessman, said that no flight had been operated in Mugu, another district of Karnali on Monday.

He said that the flights were not being operated as the Talcha airport was covered with snow.


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