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Locals outrages for allowing Dalit and Janajati children in Gurukul School

Acharya chandrakata Poudel has been physically attacked by the group of the so-called high cast for demanding that everyone should be allowed to study.

Ramesh Published: 2020-09-02 15:23:43

Aggressive locals shouting against Acharya ChandraKanta Poudel

Achary has been raising this issue since 2071 BS. At that time, he was opposed to various allegations.  Poudel is Asia's leading member of the World Hindu Organization, and according to him the Vedas, Puranas, and Hindu scriptures should not be discriminated by anyone and should be read by all. "I have been demanding to make the future of the students beautiful by making the environment conducive for the study of science and technical education in the Gurukula, but I have been repeatedly attacked by locals," he said.
He is confident that even if he is attacked under the leadership of Pandit Kamal Nayan Acharya and Rishi Prapannacharya, he will continue to establish the issue he has raised. He called for a discussion on Monday and he also accused that some of the participants had an intention for a physical attack.

If the police had not been informed, they would have carried out the same physical attack on me. I saw the blackness around my eyes, he sighed.  
It can be seen in the video that the angry group dug up Chandrakant. 

In an interview, Rishi Poudel, director and advisor of Vedashram, said that they did not discriminate and that Chandrakant's case was different. The founding president of the school, Valram Hamal, said that it was hypocritical to say that others would not be allowed to study in the school even in the present age. Hamal said that the anarchy in the name of religion and culture should be controlled by the concerned bodies.

Chandrakant Poudel with Dalit Struggle Committee
The Dalit community in Baglung has also protested against hypocrites after the video was released in the social media  It is also reported that they are ready to give their lives.
Acharya Chandrakant Poudel has appealed for life security at the District Administration Office, Baglung after he was warned by the locals to take his life several times.

He also stated that he was threatened to be killed at any time, he urged Chief District Officer Suresh Neupane to establish the issue as he had raised the issue of protection of his life as well as the issue specified by the constitution and law. Chief District Officer Neupane had expressed his commitment to solving the problem by bringing all the concerned bodies.

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