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Hidden Rolpa and exotic Liwang

Written by: Gorkha Treks

Trek to Rolpa through Gorrila trials or Jaljala Trek routs and explore the rock garden

Hira Lama Published: 2020-10-07 14:33:39

Liwang Village

Hidden Rolpa Introduction

280 km west from Kathmandu, a beautiful hill district Rolpa lies in Mid-western Nepal. The district which is most brutally affected in 10 years-long civil war (1996-2006) is still hasn’t got major priority from the central government. Rolpa district covers an area of 1,879 km2(725 sq mi) with population of 221,177 according to 2011 census.Rolpa is an underdeveloped area with low life expectancy (52 years) and poverty (averaging about $100 per capita). The neighboring district of Rolpa is Dang to the south, Pyuthan to the east, Salyan to the west, and Rukum to the north.

In 10 long years of civil war, Rolpa district alone lost 969 lives while 33 people are still missing out. Similarly, 323 women lost their husbands and 86 kids lost their parents. After losing so many lives and property, the most underdeveloped district in Nepal is still smiling and hoping for a great future. Although lacking in infrastructures and development, Rolpa has enormous potential to draw the attention of local as well as foreign tourists by their unique cultural and natural beauty.


Rolpa lies in the southernmost part of Madi river at an elevation of 3000-4000 m above sea level. This place was historically a trading point between India and Tibet. Travelers used to follow the route of Dhorpatan through north or Dang valley through south or along Mahabharata range to reach Rolpa.


Rolpa was a buffer between the Chaubisi confederation of small kingdoms to the east and the Baise confederation to the west. But after the unification of Nepal by Prithvi Narayan Shah in 1769, it came under Gorkha kingdom and later part of Greater Nepal.

Attraction for Trekking and Tourism

Liwang Rock Garden


A newly built Rock Garden in Liwang (headquarter of Rolpa) has started getting positive support from local as well as foreign tourists. In coordination with the Division forest office, Rolpa municipality has built this garden as a tourist spot on Satdobato hill which is located 3200 m above sea level. We can view the mountains including Annapurna, Machhapuchhre, Sisne, Jaljala, and Dhaulagiri from the hill. Around two hectares of land, the garden has been spread out.

The locals are hopeful that this garden will play major role to boost tourism and improve the living standard of the people living here if is promoted and preserved at its best. The construction of the country's highest view tower is also on process near the rock garden.

Jaljala Trek

Jaljala trek is one of the newly opened trekking areas located in Rolpa district. A colorful carpet of wild blossoms, green meadows, and Rhododendron forests gives you a magical feeling in this trek. Another attraction of this trek is the presence of more than a hundred species of birds and wildlife such as leopard, musl deer, wild boar & bear.

This trek provides fairly a exciting view of Mt. Sisne, Mt. Putha, Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Annapurna, and other mountains. It is a wonderful experience to have a close look at the way of life and culture of Magar people who are the indigenous peoples of Nepal. Jaljala (3193 m) is also consists of three important temples: Kailu Baraha, Baju Baraha, and Sahadey Barah which are the main pilgrimage site of the whole Rapti Zone.

Jaljala is the epicenter of the decade long Civil war by the Maoists, Rolpa holds beautiful views, unique culture and great political history. This area has many untold stories to offer for its travelers by the local people as they have seen the actual reality of the Maoist.

Observing the lifestyles of different ethnic groups along the trail, trekking in Rolpa district can be a once in a lifetime experience.

Gorilla trekking in Nepal

Gorilla trekking in Nepal is a freshly started out trek inside the faraway smooth manner and has been walked round by means of only a few trekkers. The trekkers can get various and distinct revel in than another trekking alternative for the reason that it is extraordinarily non-touristic hiking path. Guerrilla trekking path was titled after the civil war of Mouist who had fought for a decayed against the government of Nepal. All through the war, most of the Maoists lived in this region. So, the hiking groups and experts in Nepal gave the name as Gorilla trekking. Gorilla hiking provides us an extensive variety of multi-ethnic manner of lifestyles, neighborhood pasture in an inexperienced valley, a beat of Deuda tune, popular in a ways-western of Nepal. Aside from those cultural values, we can look at exquisite height views of Dhaulagiri Himalayan range to the east, Api Himal and Saipal peak mendacity to the west.

Gorilla trekking begins in Beni Bazar and finishes at Sulphur after on foot for around 17 days in Rukum district far-western Nepal occupied by ethnic Dalit, Brahmin, Gurung, Kshetri, Newar and Magar human beings. The path is going passing all of the manners through the Dhorpatan looking Reserve and, actions to Rukum as well as Rolpa districts. The picturesque class of this region is excellent and one can have a notable sight of the Dhaulagiri variety and broad field with pine bushes. The altitude starts from approximately 800 m at Chaurjahari to the lofty mountain of Pyutha Himal at 7,245 m.

This trekking route gives an exceptional trekking journey all the manners via the heart of the put up-conflict regions. We, Nepal Kailash hiking help to head for Guerrilla trekking, a newly delivered notable location enormous for the natural majesty in addition to the welcoming people. we will skip with the aid of several captivating waterfalls, caves, rivers, and lakes including Kamala Daha as well as solar Daha and tower Himalayas to the north.

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