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Canoeing reopened after 7 months

According to Ram Gurung canoeing has adopted proper measures to re-operate after eh pandemic hit the tourism market.

Ramesh Published: 2020-10-13 10:44:20


POKHARA: Pokhara Canoeing which was suspended amid COVID-19 is reopened after 7 months.

The owner of Pokhara canoeing Mr. Ram Gurung says that proper safety measures are being followed to reoperate the adventurous sport. He said there's no way then following precautions and moving ahead rather than fearing of a pandemic.

Canoeing was started in Pokhara in 2014. There are two canoeing at a distance of 22 KM. The 75 and 45-meter tall waterfall at Lwang village of Kaski is perfect for canoeing.

The visitors are classified into 'beginners' and 'professional'. The beginners are trained and provided demo. Seven trained guides are always there to train and guidance. According to Mr. Gurung, about 3000 visitors experience the canoeing sport each year.

There are three packages for canoeing. Only Canoeing, Day trip, an overnight trip. The package costs NRs. 2400 to NRs. 4900 per person.


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